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The ideology of this client is to provide prominent and convenient trading services to their customers and set a standard benchmark in terms of quality. FactsBMS solution supports this client to achieve their goals and provide an edge over their competitors in the market. FactsBMS is a flagship software solution developed by Facts Computer Software House, Dubai. It was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio with SQL Server backend database engine. FactsBMS incorporates a few standard Sales and Purchase modules such as, Purchase Enquiry, Purchase Quotation, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Goods Receipt Note and Delivery Order.

A Sales Enquiry is registered by a prospective customer, after which Order Processing takes over. A Sales Quotation is then prepared based on the Sales Order, and is fed into the customer LPO number. In the Purchase module, a Goods Receipt Note is generated based on the Purchase Order, once the concerned employee accepts the quantity. FactsBMS also provides a Point of Sales module, in which Sales Invoice List is generated. Container shipment with multiple packing items is registered in the Packing List.

FactsBMS solution keeps a track on expenses such as, Shipment Statement of Sales Proceeds, Normal Weight Loss, Container Transport Charges, Gift and Voucher expense, Pallet and Crates expense, Refining/Repair expense, Pest Control expense and Motor maintenance and repair.