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This client is a popular Trading and Distribution company in UAE. In order to run their Sales Cycle efficiently, FactsBMS Business Management System is being installed and is also acknowledged as a strong and robust Trading Software in the market.

FactsBMS software solution is developed with the latest version of Microsoft Visual Basic framework as front-end and SQL Server as the backend database engine. This management system serves various Pre-Execution features such as Sales Enquiry Registration, System Estimation, and Quotation Release Advice (which is based on Technical Director’s approval). Typically the enquiries can reach either through email or fax in Sales Enquiry Registration, and on receiving it, the Design manager needs to provide an approval in order to generate System Estimation. This feature helps to display the cost estimation to direct expenses. A record is maintained on Overhead expenses and Profit Margin. The Administration department generally issues internal job orders and the Cost budget is prepared automatically on the basis of Targeted cost for each of the Cost Center. Service Management (SE) was an additional module enhanced in FactsBMS software solution.

The BMS solution customized for this client also has an integrated module for Stores & Procurement and Delivery Processes. Delivery processes, also referred to as Delivery Inspection, is based on the completed items which are ready for dispatch, the Delivery order is prepared on the basis of Delivery Type and Delivery Area, the Sales Invoice are then prepared on the basis of Agreed payment terms. On the completion of the above-mentioned processes, the Job Closure is created considering the Cost Absorption and Revenue Realization. Performance guarantees are created based on Bank guarantee and Guarantee cheque.