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With their prompt service and quality products, and having more than 800 employees spread all over the UAE, Oman, Qatar and KSA, this Client is a leader in Wholesale and Distribution of branded food products originating from the Middle East and Asian Countries. They focus on strong commitment towards providing high-quality fruits, vegetables and other food products, which enable them to hold a large number of consistent customers all over the GCC and a few Asian Countries.

Facts Business Management Software (FactsBMS) was procured to manage their overall trading activities. This ERP software solution is developed on Microsoft Visual Basic platform with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. The main workflow process includes Purchase Invoice (PI), Production (re-packing), Sales Invoice (SI) and Sales Return (SR).

FactsBMS allows performing Repacking as a batch process, whereas Salesman Cash Closing is accomplished on a daily basis. The Inventory is maintained with records of Normal loss and abnormal loss, and these are maintained separately in the system. In the Sales Return process module, products can be returned only if the expiry date is valid. In order to ensure this, a validity check is performed and based on the results; old stock is replenished with new stock. Such efficacious accounting integration occurs with the installation of FactsBMS, which takes up mechanisms to handle all account receivables.