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FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic as front end with MS SQL server as backend. There are different stages while purchases and sales when the order is processed. Basic modules include Purchase Order, Advance Shipment Note, Goods Received Note, Purchase Invoice, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Quick Receipt Voucher, Delivery Order and Sales Return. Purchase Order are basically the earlier purchase quotation submitted by the supplier. Advance Shipment Note is prepared for importing the packing list sent by the supplier in excel. Goods Receipt Note is created after the arrival of materials in warehouse. In Purchase Invoice supplier account is created once the original invoice plus the signed delivery order copy and purchase order copy is produced by the supplier. The Sales Quotation is prepared by comparing supplier prices, delivery schedule and delivery terms. Sales Order is created converting the sales quotation by feeding into the customer LPO number. In Sales Invoice multiple delivery points are managed by the contact. Delivery Order is prepared for combining multiple orders in one location.