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This client is the largest and fastest growing conglomerate in the MENA region with the healthcare enterprises spread across 280 establishments and a proven performance-driven healthcare enterprise. In order to manage their enormous Human Resource Capital, they required a stable HR and Payroll Management Solution. They evaluated rigorously and handpicked FactsSHARP solution to support their activities and meet their requirements.

FactsSHARP ā€“ Payroll and H.R Management Software is developed using the recent version of Microsoft .NET framework, with Microsoft SQL Server as the backend Database Engine. This software provides a sophisticated solution to keep track of Staff/Labor details in such a way that the administration team do not miss out on any timeline. in FactsSHARP, the SIF file (Salary Information File) consists of employee’sā€™ Bank Account details, which needs to be sent to the Banks for Salary Disbursement on a prompt basis. The Leave management module in FactsSHARP keeps track of the timesheet entries and overtime calculation. FactsSHARP also provides an option to send an automated email to all the employees intimating their salary being processed