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In the Medical and Dental sector, this client is a leading Supplier/Distributor of a well-known brand for the Healthcare industry in UAE. In order to handle the Trading and Distribution activities FactsBMS is proven to be a robust and infallible solution that suits their requirement.

FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 with SQL Server as the backend database engine. This Business Management System’s Order Processing includes proper Purchase and Sales lifecycle. This process involves many documentations such as Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Notes, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices and Delivery Order. This BMS system also provides Barcode Integration Mechanism which helps in scanning the item’s serial number, based on the sales invoice. Sales Invoice is prepared with reference to Sales Quotation. Delivery Order is created from the above barcode scanning process and also used for printing Delivery Order.

FactsBMS provides other featured modules such as Service Quotation, Job Opening, Service Invoice to the supplier, Service Invoice to the customer and Warranty Claim Settlement. Service Quotation consists of the estimate prepared by Service Department. Purchase Department prepares a Job Order, which includes a new Job Number. Service Invoice is formulated when equipment is out of warranty. Service invoice to the customer is generally prepared only if the customer bears to take the partial cost of the service when the equipment is out of warranty. Warranty Claims Settlements are prepared when the supplier gives credit and not accommodating the claim.