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This Client is one of a leading Infrastructure Group in the UAE. Their objective is to deliver user friendly and convenient services to their customers, and in order to achieve this, Facts Business Management Software (FactsBMS), a Production and Distribution software solution, is installed and supports their routine operational needs.

FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with MS SQL Server as backend database engine. The system consists of basic modules such as Salary Structure and Time-Sheet Entry. Salary Structure module returns the net list of employee salaries, whereas in Time Sheet Entry module, all time sheets are punched for every employee on the basis of their projects. Allotted projects for every employee are matched with the planned site transfer.

This reliable ERP solution also provides additional modules such as Asset Tracking, Material Requirement Plan, Vehicle Maintenance, which helps the organization to keep a periodic check on the current, fixed and tangible assets. Well before any raw materials are purchased, a cost budgeting plan is executed. In the Pilot version of Payroll processing, employee payroll is calculated on a 30-day basis. Payroll Processing and Posting will perform the actual payroll processing that gathers information from their Salary Structure, Temporary Allowances, Temporary Deductions, Overtime, Annual Leaves and Staff Loans.