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FactsBMS was customized for a reputed leading trader of chemicals, lubricants, plastics, and natural rubber. It was deployed to be a reliable trading solution to control and manage their services smoothly. FactsBMS was issued to many other divisions across the UAE.


The core modules involved in purchase transaction are Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note and Purchase Invoice. The purchase order is directly sent to the supplier. Goods Receipt Note is prepared on the basis of accepted quantity with reference to purchase order. Accounts department based on the shipment note given by the supplier prepares sales invoice.


Order processing is initiated with the sales enquiries registered from a prospective customer. In purchase invoice, unique job number is identified for job expenses and direct job purchases. Once the delivery note is created, editing of information related to stock is prohibited. This is done with the help of Sales invoice/delivery note. FactsBMS also has an enhanced additional feature known as Delivery order module.