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This is one of the well-known equipment trading company in UAE. Basic modules include sales enquiry, sales quotation, sales order, sales invoice, rental quotation, rental agreement, on hire and periodic rental sales invoice. The sales enquiry is generally received from the customer and enquiry can also be done through email or fax. The sales quotation is generally prepared for trading. Sales order is generally prepared after receiving the local purchase order. Sales Invoice basically shows reduced stock prices and updated accounts. Rental quotation is generally prepared for rental. Rental agreement is basically prepared after receiving the customer local purchase order. On hire generally allocates generator for rental agreement. Periodic rental sales invoice are generally prepared with reference to rental agreement.

General modules include purchase order, goods receive note and purchase invoice. Purchase order are generally prepared by purchase department. Goods receive note is generally prepared by stores department on the basis of purchase order and received quantity. Purchase invoice are generally prepared by account department on the basis of goods received note in conjunction with purchase order released.

There are various other modules like production order, material issue voucher, bill of quantity, finished goods store receipt, call log, standard preventive, service work order and service performance report. Production order is generally prepared on the basis of either stock or sales order. Material issue voucher are generally prepared for production purpose on the basis of bill of quantity. Bill of quantities are basically prepared for different categories of generator canopy. Finished goods store receipt generally displays the production entry and increased stock and it also allows the system to calculate cost. Call log is generally prepared for the service request made from the customer. Standard preventive maintenance are basically prepared on the basis of parameters from fixed asset master. Service work order are generally prepared by the engineer on the basis of call log or preventive maintenance. Service performance report is basically prepared by the technician and it generally displays service details like oil change, oil filter, fuel filters, battery change, meter reading and next service date.