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This client is one of the largest corporate farming companies in the Middle East region. They have become a frontrunner in its sector through opportune investments in new technology and research. They are well known for their innovative farming methods. To gravitate towards the finest form in terms of delivering quality product, they incorporated FactsBMS solution.


FactBMS keeps track on all the cost centered accounting information for purchase and sales transactions. The documents involved in these processes are Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Notes, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices. FactsBMS has an excellent comprehensive solution to manage batch wise production. In FactsBMS, item wise sales report is generated on the basis of local or import purchases. After doing the vendor analysis based on supplier quotations received, Purchase Order will be given to the supplier.


Additional feature included in FactsBMS is Inventory management with pallet wise support. The Inventory Management (IM) for any stock adjustment or consignment damages prepares necessary checklists. Delivery order is prepared depending on the delivery type and delivery area. The logistics department gives shipping instructions to the suppliers. Based on the instructions, all the orders are shipped to meet the promised delivery schedules.