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Within the UAE, this client is one of the well-known fruit trading company, which handles the trading and delivery activities that covers the entire UAE. They were in need of an effective business management software. To have all their activities executed in an efficient and an effective way, the client needed a reliable software solution.


The FactsBMS is a business management software for fruit trading company being developed using Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database engine. During the Purchases and Sales different stages are involved. Most of the documents that relates to these activities are Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Notes, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices. Consignment purchase basically displays arrived items without rates from the supplier. Net weight loss is measured for every consignment that is damaged. Expenses entry is noted down on delivery of the items by the supplier, which also displays the expenses occurred. In order to make branch transactions, statement of sales are recorded by the supplier. The business management software for this fruit trading company is one of the best approaches for handling their business.