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A popular interior design company, consisting of highly qualified designers, expanding its services to individuals and organizations, and capable of providing appropriate solutions based on the requirements of the clientele, incorporated FactsBMS to control and monitor their trading and manufacturing processes in a very reliable and effective manner.


FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with MS SQL Server as backend database engine. Core modules developed in FactsBMS solution includes Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), Purchase Invoices (PI), Sales Orders (SO) and Sales Invoices (SI). Sales Enquiry registers all the enquiries in the system. Sales quotation is generally prepared for sending quotation to the customer. The customers create sales Order after the confirmation of order. Goods Received Note is prepared after the store receives the goods in the warehouse. Purchase Invoice is calculated by including all the land cost components including GST. Delivery channels combine multiple sales invoices in one channel for loading and dispatch. FactsBMS offers fine interior design choices that are specialized and suitable for the individual client.


This client has also proven competencies and well known for their designs of showrooms, restaurants and hotels, as well specific requests for decorative ceilings, partition works. FactsBMS helps to maintain key business operations successfully, which gives the management a tighter control on inventory and finance.