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A pioneer supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE incorporated FactsBMS in order to streamline their trade and distribution activities without any hurdles. FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with MS SQL server as backend database engine. It consists of core functional modules involving the Sales and Purchase processes, which includes, Sales Enquiry (SE), Sales Quotation (PQ), Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), Purchase Invoices (PI), Sales Orders (SO) and Sales Invoices (SI).Once a Sales Enquiry is registered, a Sales Quotation is generated, and after the client send a confirmation, a Sales Order is prepared. The Department of Sales manages the Delivery Order related documents. FactsBMS consists of an additional feature knows as Cheque Printing.

FactsBMS supports the client to deliver products without compromising on quality and are reliable to their customers. . All import and export activities are documented as part of logistics management module such as shipping documents. The logistics department gives shipping instructions to the suppliers and accordingly all the orders are shipped to meet promised delivery schedules.