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A household revolutionary cleaning solution provider, which targets industries such as mining, shipping, restaurants and heavy machinery and known for their versatile solutions procured FactsBMS to manage its routine activities.

FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as Front-End and MS SQL Server as the backend database engine. The core business workflow processes includes Procuring of Goods, Warehousing & Inventory management and finally sales to their customers. FactsBMS also has an accurate Inventory management system to record and track the Procurement and Utilization of consumable and non-consumable items. Shipping instructions is given by the logistics department to the suppliers and ensures promised delivery schedules.

Apart from the Inventory and Stock management Module FactsBMS also facilitates a comprehensive solution to keep track on Fixed Asset and Job Costing procedures. When the Sale of Goods module gets executed, documents such as Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice are generated. In the Accounts and Inventory Master, Definable groups and Anal