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Our business management software for IT industry was integrated to the system for this prestigious client. The client is a solution and service provider in the field of Information Technology (IT), Telecom and Security System. By their outstanding contributions to the employment of local resources and proliferation of e-government services, they are recognized prestigiously directly from the Ministries of the Government. FactsBMS, our business management software for IT industry, is been identified as the appropriate one to streamline/Plan and maintain their operation and services in a clean way.

With Microsoft Visual Basic as front end MS SQL server as backend FactsBMS provides the ERP solutions such as Sales Enquiry (SE), Sales Quotation (PQ), Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), Purchase Invoices (PI), Sales Orders (SO) and Sales Invoices (SI). The overall distribution activities include the Procurement from Suppliers, Inventory Management and finally Sales to the Customers.