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Having their motto to achieve a standard benchmark in terms of quality and to provide a convenient service to their customers, this client is one of a leading Fruits and Vegetables Trading company in the UAE. They procured FactsBMS to support them in providing best services by all means.

FactsBMS is a flagship Software Solution developed by Facts Computer Software House, Dubai. This ERP is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio with SQL Server as backend database engine. FactsBMS consists of standard core modules involving Purchase and Sales processes, such as Purchase Enquiry, Purchase Quotation, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Goods Receipt Note and Delivery Order. Once a prospective customer registers a Sales Enquiry, Order Processing begins. Feeding in the customer LPO number then generates sales Quotation. This is followed by the creation of Goods Receipt Note, which involves accepted quantity with reference to the Purchase Order.

This ERP solution, FactsBMS, also keeps track of expenses such as Shipment Statement of sales proceeds, normal Weight loss, Container Transport charges, Gift and Voucher Expense, Pallet and Crates Expense, Pallet and Crates Expense, Refining/Repair Expense, Container transport charges, Pest Control expense and Motor Maintenance and Repair.