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A well-known trader of Fruits and Vegetables in the UAE procured FactsBMS to maintain their operations and also run their regular retail sales and purchase activities efficaciously. FactsBMS versions are developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with SQL Server to run backend database engine.

The Sales Lifecycle in FactsBMS is initiated with a Sales Enquiry and after comparing the Supplier and the Market Prices; the required Sales Quotation is prepared with appropriate Delivery Terms. All the production planning such as Sales Enquiry, Purchase Enquiry, Sales Quotation and Purchase Quotation are considered as pre-sale transactions. Production Order and Goods Receipt Note is grouped to be post-sale transactions. Purchase department designs the Purchase Requisitions based on the procurement of required items that are not available in stock.

This ERP also integrates a well-sophisticated Inventory management System, which is to record and track the procurement and utilization of raw materials as well finished items. Petty cash expenses are recorded and maintained in Book of Accounts.