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A leading Importer and Wholesaler of Mobile Handsets, Accessories and other Electronic Devices runs their business operations in the UAE. Their Global Logistics Operation in conjunction with leading freight forwarders fulfills the customer requirements all over the world and FactsBMS is a great support in streamlining their trading Operations.


FactsBMS provides a comprehensive solution to manage and control the Purchases and Sales transactions. This ERP consists of standard core modules such as Sales Quotation (SQ), Sales Order (SO), Delivery Order (DO), Packing List (PL) and Sales Invoice (SI). The Sales Lifecycle kick starts by generating the Sales Quotation (SQ) based on the Sales Enquiry. Sales Order (SO) is then created on the confirmation of the client then the Sales Department prepares the necessary Delivery Order (DO) documents. Sales Invoice (SI) displays deducted stocks and updates the accounts. Advance Shipment Note (ADN) is created once the shipment note arrives from the supplier. Goods Received Note (GRN) is basically created after materials reaches the store from the warehouse.


This Business Management System also provides an accurate Accounting Integration mechanism, which helps the wholesaler to tailor their pricing structure and this ensures that customers enjoy Maximum Margins. Various other business analytics reports such as Periodic Production Results could be achieved based on the daily production details being entered.