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This is one of the most prominent trading companies in Dubai. Basic modules include sales enquiry, sales quotation, sales order, sales invoice and sales return. Sales enquiry is generally received from the customer and its enquiry can come through email or fax. Sales Quotation is generally prepared on the basis of sales enquiry. Sales order is generally placed on the confirmation of client. Sales Invoice basically shows reduced stock prices and updated accounts. Sales Return are generally on the basis of sales invoice.


Other modules include purchase order, goods receipt note and purchase invoice. The purchase order is released by purchase department and there might be a cash purchase for which purchase order might not be prepared. Goods Receipt Note is prepared by store people after QA check. In purchase invoice job number is uniquely identified for job expenses and direct job purchases.


There are also several other modules like revenue, material, labor, service contracts, service work order and service invoice. In revenue advance invoices are prepared based on agreed payment terms. Material module basically purchases department orders and stores department receivables. In labor module, production department prepares daily jobwise timesheet of each worker for job labor cost allocation. The service contracts are created for a specific period. It can be made for 1 full year which are known as AMC’S. The service work order are created for each service call log which is handed over to an engineer/technician. The service invoice is prepared for the job as per the agreed terms or as per the contract terms.