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A leading exporter of vegetables and fruits that operates in India and UAE, popular for their specialization in delivering top quality fruits and vegetables at competitive prices, procured FactsBMS to streamline their trading operations infallibly.

FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic as front end with SQL Server to run as backend database engine. Some of the core modules developed in FactsBMS software solution include Sales Enquiry (SE), Sales Quotation (PQ), Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), Purchase Invoices (PI), Sales Orders (SO) and Sales Invoices (SI). Sales Quotation (SQ) is prepared on the basis of Sales Enquiry. Sales Order (SO) is placed after the confirmation of client. Sales department prepares delivery Order (DO) documents. Sales Invoice (SI) displays deducted stocks. It also keeps the accounts updated.

FactsBMS solution provides sophisticated features to this customer in order to deliver quality service. By providing excellent quality, they treat their clients fully satisfied with unique products and services. FactsBMS also has an accurate Inventory Management System. This is used to record and track the procurement and utilization of consumable as well non-consumable items. Material Issue Vouchers are used to track the items, which complete the production.