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For many years, this client is well known in the Surface Preparation Equipment Industry, in the UAE. They required sophisticated Software to manage their manufacturing and distribution, and also to run their regular sales and purchase activities. FactsBMS is been identified as the perfect match for the earlier mentioned combination of requirements. FactsBMS consists of core modules such as Enquiry Registration (ER), Sales Quotation (SQ), Sales Order (SO) and Sales Invoice (SI). Job Card Based Assembly and Dismantling Module (Kitting & Un-Kitting) are the main process components in Order Processing. Cost of Sales Accounts updates is done on the basis of each sales transaction. Barcoded Racking is an added facility incorporated in FactsBMS solution to conduct site survey and suggest necessary hardware equipment required. Debit Inventory Account (DIA) and Credit Cost of Sales (CCoS) are collected for each sales transaction. Calculating the Weighted Average Cost (WAC) is also performed. All cost affecting transaction are suggested to close before running the batch updating process.