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Basic modules include compensatory off days, absent register report and attendance data. Compensatory off days uses transaction data entry module called compensatory leave eligibility where an employee can select a leave type as off in availed leave entry module. Absent register report basically shows the number of employees who were absent for a particular month and this will be displayed at the end of that particular month. Attendance data is normally used for displaying absent employee and also overtime employee for payroll calculations.

General modules include gratuity provision, leave salary provision, air ticket provision and transfer transaction. Gratuity provision generally the cost center wise accounting. Leave salary provision is calculated on the basis of gross salary. Air ticket provision are generally dependent on the pay grade specific value for each destination. Transfer transaction generally provide transaction for location/outlet change.

There are several other modules like overtime calculation, leave types and gratuity/terminal benefits. Overtime calculation is calculated on the basis of 1.25 times of gross salary. Leave types include annual leave, sick leave and emergency leave. Annual leave is calculated on the basis of 30 calendar days. Sick leave basically describes the leave taken by an employee on the basis of health issues. Emergency leave is the leave taken by employees in case of emergency. Gratuity/terminal benefits are calculated on the basis of UAE labor law.