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This is one of the well-known computer network system company in UAE. Basic modules include sales enquiry, site survey and bill of materials. The sales enquiry is generally received from the customer and enquiry can also be done through email or fax. Site survey are generally conducted by the concerned sales person. Bill of materials are basically for different categories.

General modules include sales quotation, job order and material requisition. Sales quotation are generally prepared by concerned procurement executive along with exclusive quotation number and it mainly requires approval of the management for reviewing mark-ups, room for discounts, payment terms and delivery terms on the basis of resource availability. Job order are basically prepared on the basis of confirmed quotation. Material requisition are generally prepared to display the list of raw material request from stores on the basis of receipt.

There are various other modules like purchase order, material issue voucher and sales invoice. Purchase order are generally prepared on the basis of corresponding sales quotation. Material issue voucher are basically prepared on the basis of work completion note or delivery channel. Sales invoice generally displays delivery channel for each job.