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This is one of the well-known oil and gas Infrastructure Company in UAE. Basic modules include drawing master, spools and bill of material. Drawing master are basically used for registering all the drawings in the FactsERP module with a unique id and isometric serial number with 50 characters alpha numeric code. Spools are generally divisions of a drawing and it is also used as a general serial number for identifying further sub division of a drawing. Bill of material is basically prepared on the basis of drawing spools and it basically displays the list of commodities and quantity required.

General modules include purchase order and goods receipt note. Purchase order are basically imported from SAP using the bulk excel import mechanism in FactsERP. Goods receipt note generally displays the list of items that are received in different locations against a purchase order.

There are various other modules like material requisition, material issue voucher and material forecast. Material requisition generally displays material request from site and it is prepared with reference to drawing number and spool details. Material issue voucher generally displays available items and they are generally prepared for available quantity on approval of material requisition. Material forecast is basically an option to select single or multiple drawings at one time. It basic