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With their headquarters situated in South Africa, this client is one of the leading Manpower supplies of security guards. They have huge manpower resources, which runs into thousands, FactsSHARP – a payroll and H.R Management Software, which is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework and SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine is been installed for the client for their Resource Management.


FactsSHARP provides a complete package of the Resource management by having the Core Modules like Customer Master, Contract Master, Employee Site Transfer and Duty Roaster. The Contract of each employee is been registered with a Contract Number and all-important parameters for Duty Roster staff deployment and Attendance/Overtime tracking is maintained as well. Site Transfer (ST) is prepared when an employee is transferred to a different site/location. Duty Roaster list is maintained to indicate which employee needs to service for a Contract with a given date and given shift, also all service details of contracts based and temporary based staff are entered in system on daily basis.


Based on the DR released the previous day, the attendance is entered into the system. Incentives and Temporary allowances for all the eligible staff is calculated and are automatically given to the Account Department. Full and Final settlement calculates the terminal benefits on the basis of Location. Leave Management (LM) displays the split vacation entry and overstay days are deducted from the next vacation of the employee.