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A fire extinguisher manufacturing company in the UAE chose FactsBMS as the right solution for managing their system in an efficient way. FactsBMS includes its basic modules such as enquiry registration, which happens on a time-to-time basis and also they can be registered through email, fax and telephone and site survey which is generally conducted for estimation purposes.


General modules include quotation and survey. Quotation is generally prepared on the basis of site survey; labor requirements and number of equipment to be serviced and also extra options are displayed for spare parts and gas filling etc. AMC are generally the mechanism to create job as per the schedules.


There are various other modules like job creation and work completion inspection report. In job creation module a quotation is basically converted to a job order when the customer LPO is received. Also a new Job Number is given for each type of jobs like supply and installation, annual maintenance services and one off job or certification.