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A well-known auto spare parts manufacturing company in the UAE, which distribute a wide range of Automotive parts installed FactsERP to manage and control their operations to ensure a seamless Retail Sale and Purchase Activities regularly. FactsERP – an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution provides a Complete and Compact way to manage their local/overseas Purchases as well their Sales transaction.

The main Business workflow process during Sales transactions includes: Sales Enquiry (SE), Sale Quotation (SQ), Performa Sales Order (PSO) and finally generating Sales Invoice (SI). All Import/Export activities are documented as part of Logistics Management module. Some of the documents are Shipping Documents and Customs Documents. Accounts Payable department will punch in the Supplier Invoice referring to PO. Shipment tracking and alerts is prepared based on Estimated Time Delivery (ETD), Estimated Time Arrival (ETA), Actual Time of Departure (ATD) and Actual Time of Arrival (ATA). This Enterprise solution also provides Barcode Label printing (BLP), Automated Email of Invoice (AE). Automatic email alerts are sent to their customer once the sales transactions are processed successfully.