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This client is one of leading silk trading company in the UAE. This client has contributed to the fashion industry ,with their trading business of pure silks and various other forms. To gravitate towards the finest form of fashion they were in search of having a reliable software solution. FactsERP was proposed as a suitable solution.

The overall trading and distribution activities include the procurement from suppliers, inventory management and finally sales to the customers. Additional charges for landed cost are calculated in purchase invoice. Goods receipt note is prepared on the basis of delivery of materials from the supplier at warehouse after the confirmation from the head office. FactsBMS provides foolproof integration mechanisms to have multiple delivery orders for one invoice. Invoices like Credit, cash, documents and consignment through which all the delivery orders are processed. Purchase requisition is sent to purchase department for procurement of goods or services. Credit sales invoice are issued on the basis of delivery note invoices.

FactsERP has a integration for sales consignment module which includes consignment issue note, consignment sales invoice and consignment sales return. Proper verification needs to be done by the head office before confirming the delivery of materials from the supplier at warehouse. Purchase invoice are directly posted to FactsERP with reference to goods receipt note and released purchase order.