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This client is one of the well-known textile and car accessories trading company located in the UAE. They have trading businesses in China and Iran also apart from the UAE. To handle the trading and distribution activities they were in search of having a reliable software solution. FactsERP was found appropriate to solve their requirement.

The core transactions includes purchase order, goods receipt note and purchase invoice. The purchase order is directly sent to the supplier. Goods Receipt Note is prepared on the basis of accepted quantity with reference to purchase order. In purchase invoice job number is uniquely identified for job expenses and direct job purchases. On the basis of shipment note given by supplier, sales invoice is prepared by accounts department. Order processing starts with the sales enquiries registered from a prospective customer.

Apart from the main modules there are other modules like direct purchase order, direct shipment note and direct sales invoice. Based on the supplier and customer direct purchase ordering is done. FactsERP provides foolproof accounting integration mechanism to handle credit and debit notes. Journal Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers and Payment Vouchers are used to complete the various accounting transactions.