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This customer is one of the leading furniture trading company in the UAE. They are offering highly sophisticated designer options for the high-end market. In order to manage and monitor their trading activities they were in search of having a reliable software solution. FactsERP were procured to handle overall trading activities.

FactsERP is developed using Microsoft .Net Framework for user interface and Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. Some of the basic modules FactsERP facilitates are sales enquiry, sales quotation, sales order, sales invoice and sales return. Order processing starts with the sales enquiries registered from a prospective customer. Sales order is placed upon receiving confirmation from the client. Sales Return are prepared on the basis of sales invoice followed by a delivery return.

Bill of Quantity (BOQ) displays the list of materials that are supplied for the project. Material purchase order is placed after acquiring BOQ . Advance Shipment Note (ASN) is prepared on the basis of purchase order. Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is used to bring in the required items to carry out the production. Sales invoice is prepared on the basis of payment claim approval from main contractor. Purchase invoice are directly posted to FactsERP with reference to goods receipt note and purchase order.