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This customer is one of the renowned shopping malls in GCC which has operations in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. To manage the Human Resource Capital which runs into thousands, they were looking out for a stable HR and Payroll management solution. After rigorous evaluation FactsSHARP was found appropriate to match their requirement. FactsSHARP – payroll and H.R Management Software is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework, with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine.

Some of the basic modules enhanced in FactsSHARP software solution are recruitment management, employee master and mass employee master creation. A well-developed attendance management system with the time and attendance machine integration is also part of FactsSHARP. The attendance status displays the number of employees who are present, full day absent, early out, and who are on leave. Shift change and section change request are maintained in payroll. Along with the basic modules FactsSHARP provides ample features to track document expiry dates and proper settlement calculations required to derive gratuity amounts as per the UAE labor laws. Official correspondence, staff accommodation, confidential information, break management system and performance appraisal system are also implemented in FactsSHARP.

Various alerts such as annual leave payment are provided to HR Managers so that they don’t miss out any time line. Different leave policies are maintained for each region as per the respective labor laws and annual leave accrual is calculated accordingly. Full and final settlement calculates the terminal benefits on the basis of location. Leave management displays the split vacation entry and over stay days are deducted from the next vacation of the employee. Biometric data integration for all the employees also is an added feature in FactsSHARP. Incentives and temporary allowances for all the eligible staff are calculated and are given to the account department.