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The client is a renowned brand and one of the leading international company in restaurant business. They were looking for an adept Human capital Management System (HCM) which includes Human Resource Management and Payroll software solution (HRMS) for UAE operations which will comply with the local government rules and regulations such as Wage Protection System (WPS).

The objective of this project is to streamline Annual Leave Approval and Tracking, Payroll preparation and management with SIF file preparation, Residence and visa management which were currently performed manually. A software solution was need of the hour as the manual processing was cumbersome and error prone. Management was so keen to remove their dependency on disparate spreadsheets and have better control on the day to day operations with help of having automated reminders on document expiry as well as having an electronic audit trail in place. FactsSHARP was the ideal choice.

FactsSHARP HCM software solution immensely helped them to set to establish an accurate information repository that is easily accessible to better manage the HRMS and Payroll data. After this implementation they were getting high availability of the disciplined, coordinated, aligned data which in turn allow them to take proper business decisions.