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This is one of the well-known pharmaceutical product manufacturing company in UAE. Basic modules include sales enquiry, sales quotation, sales order, proforma invoice and sales invoice. Sales enquiry basically displays the request for quotation document from the client. Sales Quotation are basically created by the concerned sales person on the basis of sales enquiry. Sales order is generally prepared on the basis of receipt of customer order. Proforma invoice are prepared on the basis of confirmation quantity and shipment date provided by the supplier.

General modules include purchase enquiry, purchase order and purchase invoice. Purchase enquiry generally displays quotation request for suppliers. Purchase order basically displays two options which are: – local purchase and import purchase and they are generally prepared on the basis of back to back operation. Purchase invoice generally displays air shipment details and sea shipment details and it also alerts the employee if manufacturing date of one lot is already existing in another lot.

There are various other modules like receipt voucher, payment voucher and PDC maturity posting. In receipt voucher advance received from customer are booked as liability in the beginning. Payment voucher module generally displays cash payment option, bank payment options and PDC payment options. PDC Maturity posting basically transfers matured PDC’s to Banks.