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Our ERP for fabrication companies was implemented for a leading business player in the UAE. This established organization provides quality fabrication and machining needs of the ever-increasing demands in the engineering field in the UAE. With the relentless and untiring efforts of their engineers and technicians they are scaling new heights and carving a distinct niche in business segment and hence procured FactsBMS to manage their operations.

FactsBMS is the flagship software solution developed by Facts Computer Software House, Dubai. FactsBMS solution is developed in Visual Basic Framework with SQL Server to run backend database engine. The Order Processing feature in FactsBMS incorporates proper purchases and sales lifecycles.

It consists of core modules such as Sales Enquiry Registration (SER), Sales Quotation (SQ), Job Order Registration (JOR), Purchase Order (PO), Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Purchase Invoice (PI). Sales Quotation (SQ) is prepared on the basis of Sales Enquiry. The Job Order Processing starts with the sales enquiries registered from a prospective customer. Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is prepared on the basis of accepted quantity with reference to Purchase Order. Purchase Invoice are directly posted to FactsBMS with reference to Goods Receipt Note given by noncompliance report.

FactsBMS complies with its quality system by continually improving client’s technical capabilities and use through effective and focused training. Production Department prepares daily jobwise time sheet of each worker / supervisor for job labor in the Intermediary Excel File. Labor Transportation expenses are apportioned to jobs.