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This is one of the well-known cable manufacturing company in UAE. Basic modules include sales enquiry registration, pre-delivery inspection request, delivery order, sales invoice and sales order closure. Sales order registration are generally prepared when the customer purchase order is received. Pre-delivery inspection request are prepared on the basis of completed items which are ready for dispatch. Delivery order generally prepares certificate of origin, mill test certificate and packing list. Sales invoice are generally prepared on the basis of delivery order with reference to sales order number and customer purchase order number. Sales order closure generally prepare the final sales invoice on completion of project.

General modules include production order, purchase requisition, material issue voucher, issued to WIP, daily production entry and material receipt voucher. Production order are generally issued by production department to production floor. Purchase requisition are generally sent to the purchase department for the procurement of a particular material with reference to production order. Material issue voucher generally stores issues of the material as per the material request. Issue to WIP generates material issue to the machines. Daily production entry is basically prepared by production department to make a production entry. Material receipt voucher is generally created by stores department.

There are various other modules like supplier enquiry, supplier quotation, purchase order, goods receipt note and purchase invoice. Supplier enquiry generally displays quotation request of suppliers. Supplier enquiry basically display supplier prices. Purchase Order is directly sent to the supplier after identifying the right supplier on the basis of price, delivery terms, payment terms, quality and after sales service. Goods receipt note generally displays the number of goods sent by the supplier which are cleared from the port with all necessary clearing documentations. Purchase invoice are directly posted to FactsERP with reference to good receipt note.