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This is one of the well-known trading companies in UAE. Basic modules include document print setup, insurance module and insurance trunk report. Document print setup option is generally used for PTB and ATS. Insurance generally calculates insurance on the basis of number of dependence. Insurance trunk report does not display the deduction and the allowance of employees.


General modules include birthday report, gratuity and gross salary details. Birthday report displays the list of all employee’s birthdates. Gratuity are generally given after completing probation. Gross salary details are generally displayed by two decimals in the word template.


There are several other modules like annual settlement, passport issue alert and air ticket settlement. The annual settlement module generally displays the deducted visa cost of the employee. Passport issue alert gives a remainder to the employee regarding the issue with his/her passport. Air ticket settlement are generally paid from the organization and it is not added automatically to the system.