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This customer is one of the most renowned contracting company in UAE. The FactsERP implemented here comprises of modules like BOQ actual comparison which is used for comparing bill of quantities, cost and accounts, budgeting which is used for managing the budget of the company, project invoicing which is used for invoicing customers and cost accounting which calculates the total cost that is required to complete a particular job.


It also includes modules like retentive accounting which is given to the contractors for completing their work on time as per the contract, retention recovery which is generally based on supplier retention, performance bond which certifies a considerable amount of money to be paid by the contractor in case he fails to fulfill the contract, advance recovery which indicates the percentage reduction in payment terms of the contractor.


There are also several other modules such as labor card preparation, sub-contractor payment, project wise labor cost distribution which calculates the labor expenses based on number of workhours, depreciation schedule for particular assets, project wise revenue and project wise budgeting which describes the approximate cost necessary for the completion of a project.