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This is one of the well-known trading companies in UAE. Basic modules include purchase order, goods receive note and purchase invoice. Purchase order are generally prepared by purchase department which displays the details of remittance type. Goods receive note is generally prepared by stores department on the basis of purchase order and received quantity. Purchase invoice are generally prepared by account department on the basis of goods received note in conjunction with purchase order released.

General modules include sales quotation, sales invoice, delivery order barcode scanning and delivery order. Sales quotation is generally prepared by sales department. Sales Invoice is generally prepared with reference to sales quotation. Delivery order barcode scanning generally prints the barcode in every sales invoice printout so that the store keeper scans the above barcode and stock code before the delivery order is created. Delivery order is generally created from the above barcode scanning process and it is also used for printing delivery order.

There are several other modules like service quotation, job opening, service invoice to the supplier, service invoice to the customer and warranty claim settlement. Service quotation generally displays the estimate prepared by service department. Job order is generally prepared by the purchase department along with a new job number. Service invoice to the supplier is generally prepared when the equipment is out of warranty. Service invoice to the customer is generally prepared only if the customer bears to take the partial cost of the service when the equipment is out of warranty. Warranty claim settlement are basically prepared when the supplier gives credit and not accommodating the claim.