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One of a leading development and an efficient manufacturer of quality air movement Company in the Middle East Region has installed FactsBMS – a Business Management Software Solution in-order to carry out their Manufacturing and Distribution activities efficaciously.


A few standard modules incorporated in FactsBMS are Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note and Purchase Invoice. Sales work-flow of this ERP is been initiated with Sales Enquiry and after comparing the supplier prices, proper Vendor Analysis/Vendor comparisons are done.


The main aim to cluster the Trading/Distribution process is to provide High Quality and Reliable products that cater to specific applications. On the basis of BOM guidelines issued by the Purchase Department, necessary material requisition is prepared. Material planning report is prepared based on Category of goods, BOQ stock code and expected date given in PTS. Perpetual Inventory, Work in Progress (WIP), Incoming Shipment are some of the additional features modules implemented in FactsBMS solution.