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This customer is one of the leading retail chain of the UAE who caters to exclusive markets.
They were in the search of a strong and robust HR & Payroll software solution which is compliant to the UAE labour laws especially about the Wage Protection System(WPS).

FactsSHARP identified as the appropriate solution to match their requirements.

FactsSHARP – H.R. & Payroll Management Software is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework, with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. Reporting Modules developed in Seagate Crystal Reports / Microsoft Office tools.

Along with the basic modules used to keep track of employee details and their leave details FactsSHARP provides ample features to track document expiry dates and provides proper settlement calculations required to derive gratuity amounts as per UAE labour laws.

Payroll is processed after taking employees’ attendance details, various types of leaves taken as well as leave settlements, repayment details of loans and the overtime calculations. A SIF file (Salary Information File) as per the WPS rules and regulations could be extracted to submit to the banks.