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A leading wholesale trader based in the UAE specializes in import and export, which includes more than 3000 products. Their products range from stationary items to household items. To control/monitor their trading import and export activities, they procured FactsBMS, a reliable business integrated management software solution.

This software solution is developed on Microsoft Visual Basic platform with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine.

FactsBMS provides sophisticated solutions to manage the purchase transactions such as Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Note, Material Requisition and Purchase Invoices. Stores and procurement process includes bill of quantity (BOQ) where the master list of all items with total quantity required is prepared for delivering the project. Material Requisition is prepared depending on the bill of quantity (BOQ). Purchase Requisitions are designed for purchase department. This is done for the procurement of budgeted items not available in stock. Purchase order basically displays two reports. The first report is the list of total pending items with suppliers in a GIT column. The second report is an option for displaying discount in Payment Voucher.