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This is one of the well-known egg trading company in UAE. Basic modules include sales lead, sales enquiry, sales quotation, sales order, delivery order and sales invoice. Sales lead generally displays the client visit details. In sales enquiry module sales enquiry is registered. Sales quotation is generally prepared on the basis of sales enquiry. Sales order is generally placed on the confirmation of client. Delivery order document is prepared by sales department. Sales Invoice generally displays deducted stocks and updated accounts.
General modules include purchase requisition, import purchase order, advance shipment note, import goods received note and import purchase invoice. 

Purchase requisition are generally received from different departments and branches. Import purchase order are generally created in ERP on the basis of requisition. Advance shipment note are generally created on the arrival of shipment note from the supplier. Import goods received note are basically created on the arrival of materials from warehouse. Import purchase invoice are generally created after the confirmation of goods received note.

There are various other modules like transfer request, transfer memo and transfer receipt note. Transfer request basically displays request from branches. Transfer memo are generally prepared on the basis of material issued from the store. Transfer receipt note are basically prepared on the basis of material receipt acknowledgement from the branches.