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This customer is one of the well-known hospitals and radiology Centre in UAE. In advent of streamlining their HR management practices they were looking for a robust and stable software solution. Our flagship product, FactsSHARP, were proposed and identifies to match their requirements.


Some of the specific modules of FactsSHARP includes gratuity allowance, payroll processing and overtime register. Gratuity allowance basically displays alert on the basis of contract end date. In payroll processing office staff payroll are calculated on the basis of 30 days. Overtime register reports displays the number of employees who have worked overtime.


General modules include encashment request option, annual leave request and bonus adjustment. The encashment request basically displays the leave encashment request from the employees. Annual leave request from employee self -service portal are generated automatically from EDPR. Bonus adjustment option generally displays alert in case the deduction have exceeded the actual bonus amount.

There are also few other modules like resignation request, time attendance integration and SMS configuration. The time attendance integration with biometric machine generally displays late coming and early going policies and early going request option where an employee can make a travel request or training request in it. The SMS configuration option is basically used for alerting employees in many ways like missing time punches required for attendance calculation.