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This is one of the well-known blast cleaning industry in UAE. Basic modules include sales quotation, commercial invoice and pending sales order report. Sales quotation is generally prepared on the basis of sales enquiry. Commercial invoice is registered in the system through sales invoice and also the packing list is attached. Pending sales order report basically displays one additional column for purchase order ETA if more than one purchase order is pending.

General modules include reconciliation, sales order->purchase requisition dumping and sales order. Reconciliation module basically displays options for listing unreconciled entries. Sales order->purchase requisition dumping generally blocks the dumping of sales order in to purchase requisition if purchase requisition is already raised against that sales order. Sales order module basically blocks sales order editing after making sales invoice against that.

There are various other modules like sales invoice/delivery note and closing date option. Sales invoice/delivery note basically blocks the editing of stock related information after the delivery note is created. Closing date option is generally used after applying closing date in the system.