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This is one of the most renowned infrastructure development companies in UAE. They were looking for a Human Resource Management System along with a Payroll module and Employee Self Service module. FactsSHARP with very minimal customization was more than enough to match their requirements.

FactsSHARP modules include salary register, employee master, leave type master, insurance and payroll. In employee master maximum details of employees are captured and employee master creation process has both maker and checker approval mechanism. In leave type master all leave type are configured on the basis of company’s policies. Insurance is generally calculated on the basis of number of dependence. In payroll salary structure has a grade wise allowance like telephone allowance.

Other modules include loan management, asset issue register and employee self-service portal. In loan management module loan recovery schedule is generated. Asset issue register is mandatory when user name and password are created for employee self-service portal. The employee self- service portal provides all kinds of request, profile management and address change for every employee.