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This client is one of the leading manufacturing units for spare parts and provides other technical services in the Middle East region. As the company is mainly involved in manufacturing and distribution of spare parts (Repair Kits, Retrofit Solutions Lubricants and Filters Swing Units), the main aspect focuses on maintaining the quality of the system. FactsBMS was chosen to be a perfect solution to match their quality and requirements. 

The FactsBMS solution designed for this client is based on Microsoft Visual Basic 6 for its User Interface and SQL Server for the backend database engine. 

Typically the pre-sales transaction involves the entire production planning, such as Sales Enquiry (SE), Purchase Enquiry (PE), Sales Quotation (SQ), Purchase Quotation (PQ) and Post-Sales involves Production Orders, Purchase Orders and Goods Receipt Note. 

FactsBMS provides the Purchase Requisition to the purchase department, which will be used for the procurement of required items which are not available in stock. The deducted stocks are displayed through Proforma invoice, which is also known as Sales Invoice. The Sales Invoice, on the basis of the location mentioned, converts multiple delivery orders.