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Basic modules include purchase order, purchase invoice and purchase return. Purchase order is basically the first entry screen of the system and it is generally prepared with reference to supplier items and required quantity. Purchase invoice is generally prepared by purchase department on the basis of purchase order. Purchase return are basically prepared on the basis of any return or claim.

General modules include sales order, quick receipt voucher, sales invoice and sales return. Sales order is basically prepared on the basis of customer requirement and the orders can come through telephone, email or fax. Quick receipt voucher basically allows the customer to present the barcoded sales invoice in cash counter for payment or credit booking. Sales invoice generally displays decreased stocks. Sales return are basically prepared on the basis of any return or claim.

There are various other modules like daily cash closing, stock adjustment, physical stock verification, stock transfer voucher and damage stock. Daily cash closing basically displays currency denominations during shift end and day end. Stock adjustments generally displays adjustment voucher of any difference in stock with physical quantity. Physical stock verification basically allows the user to enter item, physical quantity and value after physical stock take. Stock transfer voucher is generally prepared for moving items from one location to another. Damage stock basically displays unusable and unreturned stocks