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This client is the leading firm in perfumery. They are well known in the UAE. They are famous for their remarkable fragrances to enchant the senses. They outstand by distinctive designs and quality. To gravitate towards the finest form of fashion and standard in market, they were in need of a reliable software solution. FactsERP served the purpose.


Facts Computer Software House, Dubai, developed FactsERP. The tools used to develop FactsERP software solution are .Net framework with SQL server to run as database backend engine. Core modules include Inventory Management, Order Processing for purchase and sales transaction, Accounting Management, banking and PDC and finally document and voucher printing. Inventory management system is used to keep track on procurement and utilization of consumable as well non-consumable items. They are very accurate. Sales life cycle process includes Consignment Issue (CI), Consignment Issue Return (CIR) and finally Consignment Sales (CS).


The logistics department gives shipping instructions to the suppliers. Based on the instruction, they send the purchase invoice, commercial invoice and packing list. Other transactions involved are Gift with Purchase (GWP), Sample Sale Invoice (SSI) and Damage Entry (DE). Package is deployed and scheduled for the integration of Retail Management System (RMS) data to Point of Sales (POS).