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This client is leading in Engineering Business in the UAE who caters to exclusive markets. In order to gain footholds by meeting the stringent requirements, to handle their business activities they required a trading and manufacturing software solution. After rigorous evaluations, they deployed FactsERP to meet their requirements.


FactsERP was developed using Microsoft .Net framework for user interface with Microsoft SQL Server to run as back end database engine. Stock master and look up master are the important modules in this solution. This includes details of various parameters like shape, type and size of finished goods.


Some of the Core purchase transaction includes Purchase Order (PO), Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Purchase Invoice (PI). The Purchase Order (PO) is directly sent to the supplier. Goods Receipt Note is prepared on the basis of accepted quantity with reference to purchase order. In Purchase Invoice, unique job number is identified for job expenses and direct job purchases. Purchase Invoice are directly posted to FactsERP with reference to goods receipt note and released purchase order.


FactsERP has other additional modules like Delivery Order, Sales Invoice and Job Closure. Delivery Order (DO) is generally posted to the system with reference to job number. Sales Invoice (SI) is generally prepared on the basis of agreed payment terms. Job Closure (JC) is generally prepared on the basis of project completion.