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A leading construction company situated in the UAE has more than 1500 employees. They provide superior, cost effective and quality services, thus making them outstand and shine as the industry leader. To maintain the quality system and perform review on regular basis, they deployed FactsERP to be a perfect solution to match their desired requirements.


FactsERP was developed using latest Microsoft .Net framework with Sql Server as backend database engine. The core modules are Finance Management (FM), Job Costing (JC), Purchase Order (PO), Service Management (SM) and Logistics Department (LD). Job Costing is being achieved by booking all the expenses incurred against a job referring the job number.


Apart from the core modules there are other modules like stock Inward (Receiving process), Stock Outward (Delivery Process), Point of Sales (POS), Warehouse Master (WM) and finally Internal Bin Location Transfer. ERP system will negate stock of the existing bin locations for that item, and increase the stock at the given new bin location. In point of sales module stock is reduced directly from showroom and it also has different payment options. POS returns are generally created in case of a sales return. Warehouse master is basically a master for creating individual bin locations. Bin location is generally created automatically on the 4D matrix information of warehouse master.